Thank You Page Overview

We’ll go over some of the more important widgets and considerations when using them.

Product Recommendation Widget

The product recommendation widget can show up to 8 offers in one widget. You can create an unlimited number of product recommendation widgets on your thank you page.

Unlike the one click upsell, thank you page product recommendations are compatible with all payment gateways as well as multi-currency stores. But, there are some additional considerations:

  • These offers will create a new order in Shopify rather than update an existing one
  • Customers will have to re-enter their payment information to add an offer. AfterSell will automatically add their shipping information.

Storewide Popup Discount

Storewide popups are a great way to boost AOV since your customer can immediately be rewarded for another purchase. Similar to the product recommendation widget, these offers are fully compatible with all payment gateways and multi-currency stores. However, any orders placed through the storewide popup discount will also create a new order.