Payment methods

In some cases, post-purchase upsells may not show. This is due to some of the limitations on the Shopify Post-purchase Extensions API. You can read more here.

One of the main reasons that post-purchase upsells may not appear is due to unsupported payment methods.

Supported Payment Methods

1-Click Upsells will be shown as long as your order meets Shopify's post-purchase requirements. One of these requirements is that a supported payment method is used. See a list of supported payment methods below:

  • Shopify payments (for Credit Cards)
  • Shop Pay
  • PayPal Pro, PayPal PayFlow (when used with a credit card)
  • PayPal Express (with Automatic Payments enabled, PayPal knows them as Reference Transactions)
  • Braintree (without CVV verification enabled)
  • Any other direct credit card payment processor that is embedded within Shopify's checkout (like Stripe).

Note: Shopify automatically sends a request for Automatic Billing/Reference Transaction Approval on your behalf when you install AfterSell. It usually gets accepted within a few days but we recommend checking its status until approved.
If you've been declined, you'll need to reach out to PayPal Support directly and ask them about your Reference Transaction Application being denied.

Unsupported Payment Methods

The following payment methods are currently unsupported for one click post-purchase upsells:

  • Buy Now Pay Later
    • Some examples include Affirm, AfterPay, or Klarna.
  • Unsupported Payment Wallets
    • Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or Google Pay
  • Bank Transfer Payment Methods
    • iDeal
  • Gift Cards
    • Any purchases made entirely with a gift card will not show AfterSell offers. If the order is paid partly with a gift card and partly with a supported payment method (e.g. $20 gift card on a $35 order), then AfterSell offers will be shown as normal.
  • Cash On Delivery
    • Cash On Delivery orders will not display 1-Click Upsell offers, due to Shopify's restrictions on post-purchase offers.

What should I do if I have lots of orders from unsupported payment methods?

Depending on your store, you may get a lot of BNPL orders or you may be in a country that primarily uses an unsupported payment method such as Razorpay. If your store has lots of orders from unsupported payment methods, then we suggest using thank you page offers. Thank you page offers are a different type of post purchase upsell that you can offer using AfterSell and still convert really well. You can learn more about them here.

PayPal Automatic Payments

Automatic Payments (also known as Reference Transactions) are a requirement for Post-Purchase upsells to display to PayPal orders.

When you first install AfterSell, a request for approval is sent to PayPal automatically for you!

To check if you have been approved for Reference Transactions, please either follow the steps in the video below or follow the step-by-step instructions below it.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to your Shopify Admin
  2. Click "Settings" on the bottom left of your Admin
  3. Click "Payments" in the left column
  4. Click "Manage" on the top right of your PayPal payment method
  5. Check the "Automatic Payments" line to see if you're marked as "Approved" or not.

What does my current status mean?

Approved: This means PayPal orders will be able to see Post-Purchase upsells. Congratulations!

Pending: This means PayPal has not had time to review your application yet. In this case, we recommend checking back in every day until it's changed!

Declined/Denied: This means PayPal has denied you access to Reference Transactions. In this case, we recommend reaching out to PayPal Support and asking them the following:

"Why has my PayPal account been denied access to Reference Transactions?"

Follow their recommendations to try and change their verdict.