How do I create an unpublished automated collection?

Usefulness of unpublished automated collections

Many features in AfterSell use collections, such as funnel triggers and exclusions for automatic upsells. To enhance targeting and provide additional control for these features, you can use unpublished automated collections.

Automated collections allow you to select products which have a specific price, weight, tags, or more.

An unpublished collection does not appear on any of your sales channels. This means that it won't be shown to customers anywhere; it is for internal use only.

How to create an unpublished automated collection

Step 1: Create a new collection

Step 2: Choose conditions

Step 3: Unpublish from sales channels


We recommend using a descriptive name for your unpublished automated collections so that you can find them easily within AfterSell and so that other members on your team can distinguish them.

Examples of suggested collection names:

  • AfterSell Exclude "Test"
  • AfterSell Exclude Below $5
  • AfterSell Trigger Vendor XYZ
  • AfterSell Trigger Above 3kg

Please note that the name does not matter for AfterSell functionality. This is solely for organizational purposes.