Checkout Overview

What is AfterSell Checkout?

AfterSell Checkout is a great tool we've developed that allows you to design multiple types of content for your checkout pages in Shopify.

Currently this is only accessible to Shopify Plus Merchants due to restrictions Shopify has placed on their new Checkout Extensibility API.

Widget Types

There are two main widget types in AfterSell Checkout:

Upsell Widgets

First you have the upsell widgets, which are used to offer products to your customer during checkout to help increase your AOV. Our goal at AfterSell is to get you more profits so these widgets are a great tool to do just that!

Upsell Widgets have three different upsell modes to them.

  • Single Product Upsell
    • Upsells a single product to your customer, with an Add to Cart button.
  • Multi-Product Upsell
    • Upsells more than one product to your customer at a time.
      You can display these items in a horizontal slider, or stack three of the product vertically instead.
  • Checkmark Upsell
    • Upsell a single product with a checkbox instead of an Add to Cart button.
      This allows your customer to remove the item easily by unchecking the box.

Content Widgets

The second type of widget in AfterSell Checkout are content widgets. These widget types are used to add an extra layer of depth to your checkout. They're a great way of lowering your abandoned checkout rate by giving your customers more to look at on the page.

There's four different content widgets you can work with, and each contribute to your checkout in different ways:

  • Rewards
    • Shows a reward bar in your checkout that tells your customer how close they are to reaching a specified goal.
      This goal can either be based on Order Value, or Item Count.
    • These go really well with upsell widgets, so that your customer can easily add extra value to their order to achieve the reward.
      Keep in mind, any rewards you're offering will need to be fulfilled through Shopify.
      This can be done by creating Automatic Discounts in Shopify if you're offering a discount, or by modifying your Shipping Rules if you're offering free shipping.
  • Trust Badges
    • Allows you to build out trust badges really easily with custom text and images.
      These can be stacked vertically, or displayed horizontally.
    • They're great for building a sense of trust in your brand, which lowers your abandoned checkout rate.
  • Testimonials
    • Display some of the great reviews your store has received, directly on checkout.
    • This widget also helps build a sense of trust in your brand, once again lowering your abandoned checkout rate.
  • Notes
    • Allows your customer to add notes to their order.
    • These notes can either be written manually by your customer, or be pre-written notes.
    • Pre-written notes are excellent when your store offers gift wrapping or eco packaging, and want to give your customers an easy way to opt-in.
  • Text
    • Allows you to insert a banner on your checkout with text of your choice.
    • You're able to adjust the header size, content size, and spacing for the text widget.
    • You're also able to choose four different styles for this text widget.
      • Information: A blue background with a blue information icon.
      • Success: A green background with a green checkmark icon.
      • Critical: A red background with a red exclamation point icon.
      • Warning: A yellow background with a yellow warning triangle icon.
  • Image
    • Allows you to upload a custom image which can be inserted on your checkout.
    • You can also adjust the width of this image with a slider.
    • There is no minimum size requirement for the image.

Adding Widgets to Your Checkout

In order to add widgets to your checkout, you'll first need to make sure they're enabled in AfterSell.

You can do this by clicking on a widget in your AfterSell Checkout Editor, and then click on the white "Enable" button on the top right of the widget's settings.

You'll then want to click on the white "Open Shopify Checkout Editor" button on the bottom right.

This will prompt you to choose what widget you'd like to insert in your checkout.

Once selected, you can click and drag the widget on the left-hand side of your checkout editor to place it where you'd like.

Keep in mind the "Information", "Shipping", and "Payment" pages of your checkout will all need their own widgets. The only exception to this rule is the "Order Summary" section, which persists in all pages.

Have any questions?

Don't be afraid to reach out to us in the live chats on the bottom right of AfterSell.

We're always happy to help!